In the world of combat sports, the WBC Muay Thai USA is a beacon. Its light is shining bright and helping illuminate new career paths for athletes. Recent rankings, tournaments, and fights are all part of that growth.

Climbing The Ladder To Success

“We’ve made a comprehensive list of all the pros in the USA,” Patrick Rivera Chairman of WBC Muay Thai USA said. “We are releasing an updated list. They are more accurate. There are over 100 pros in the USA.”

Rankings allow for better fights and access for promoters. Promoters from around the world quickly understand who the best of the best are.

Peter Stanonik With The National WBC Muay Thai belt

Fighters like Tierra Brandt, Chip Pollard, and Malcolm Hill all fought for international level titles.

“The rankings are setting up more pro title opportunities,” Rivera said. “In May Dominion Muay Thai Championship hosts Zach Bunnell versus Pete Stanonik. They fight for the WBC Muay Thai USA Middleweight belt. There will be non title WBC Pro Muay Thai bouts for rankings as well.”

There are many WBC Muay Thai USA affiliated promotions. They include:

Fight promotions like Warriors Cup, Dominion Muay Thai Championships, No Boundary Fights, Major Leagues, Samuari showdown, and more.

The International Tournaments 

The thriving community includes tournaments. USA Fighters went to Thailand for the WBC Amazing Muay Thai Festival at Lumpinee Stadium. Athletes like LG Parnell and Max Cruz won gold. But Thailand isn’t the only home to Muay Thai anymore. The Pan Ams in Monterrey held bouts for 170 athletes from four countries.

“This November we anticipate at least double the number of athletes,” Rivera said. The other countries in America want to be included. Countries like Brazil, Costa Rica, Argentina, and more want to participate in the next Pan Ams.”

These opportunities are getting everyone experience.

“Over 1000 people had international experiences in the last two year. Families, coaches, and fighters went overseas. It makes the USA better, fighting abroad and fighting other high level athletes,” Rivera said.”

These tournaments are important building blocks for international talent. Meanwhile, the MDL’s are crucial components for national and regional development. The Muay Thai Development League is part of the WBC Muay Thai USA’s growth strategy.

“This weekend there was an event in Connecticut with over 200 athletes,” Rivera said. “Since it’s gotten so busy we now separate the youth and adult. So each age group gets more attention.”

Upcoming MDL events include Texas, Stockton, Maryland, and San Diego.

A Push For Education

Educational and growth initiatives include official workshops. Spearheaded by Pete Peterson intensive seminars build a new level of officials.

The New Mexico event created 40 new officials. There is an event in Florida for 25 and another event this month in California for an equal amount.

“There are over 400 new officials through these initiatives,” Rivera said.

The rules of the game are spreading and the knowledge is deepening. But there are still challenges ahead for the organization.

“Doing amateur ranking is difficult. Because the amateur side is so massive. Finding amateur athletes with more than 15 bouts for ranking is difficult. Most fighters have less than 7 fights,” Rivera said.

Mark Tabuso And Patrick Rivera getting Muay Thai to Nevada

But, the WBC Muay Thai USA is now sanctioned in Las Vegas and Hawaii. Other locations in the USA are in process. This makes both amateur and pro opportunities more accessible.

Accessibility is a priority but it only happens if good people take responsibility.

“There’s so many different personalities,” Rivera said. “Finding the right people that are passionate about the sport that we want to see grow in the right way is important.”

While there are challenges ahead, there are more opportunities than ever before. The WBC Muay Thai USA is spreading the sport and building it.

We’re happy to have you along in our mission to grow the sport we all care so much about.