The Amazing Muay Thai Masterclass was a massive success. Over 300 participants came from 16 countries to Reading, UK. They descended on the Hilton hotel at the London suburb for an all day event.

Students enjoyed Thai history, Thai food, a and traditional Muay Boran demonstration. But most importantly they learned Muay Thai from superstars.

Superbon demonstrates a headlock – photo by 321 Capture

Superbon Banchamek opened up the day with a series of techniques. He taught his monstrous head kick Ko’s.

Nong O Gaiyanghaadao demonstrated the Wai Kru Ram Muay. The pre fight dance is part of a sport steeped in a tradition of respect. The ONE Championship Champ taught feints and movement.

Nong O Gaiyaanghaadao after his seminar

“Today I teach my style,” Nong O said. “Feint and counter. Muay Thai is the best. It helped me, it changed my life, and changed my family. Everything is good now.”

Phetjee, the girl who fights boys, displayed her superior boxing skills. The young athlete made her seminar debut in front of athletes from all over Europe.

The masterclass is part of the Thai government’s Soft Power initiative. They are pushing Muay Thai on the world stage and subsidizing the event.

Prominent organizations such as ONE Championship, The WBC Muay Thai, the Sports Authority of Thailand, and the Tourism Authority of Thailand joined the seminar.

“This is the first time we did the masterclass on behalf of the Thai Government,” Mr. Pimol Srivikorn said. The professor is Chairman of the Sports Industry Subcommittee. “From Germany, Spain, Malta, and Canada, they all flew in for this one day class.”

Dignitaries from the Sports Authority Of Thailand, Soft Power, Tourism Authority of Thailand, UK Ambassador and more join the Superstar athletes

The seminar sold out in record time. Registrations were capped and fully booked after only 2 weeks of advertisement.

Participants included die hard fans and entry level athletes.

Athlete Callie Tranter watches her friends perform a technique taught by Superbon

“I’ve learned a lot of new techniques from the superstars,” young athlete Callie Tranter said. “I think it’s going to use.”

Tranter made a trip to the Amazing Muay Thai Festival earlier this year at Lumpinee. She returned home to have Thailand come to her.

The event received praise from experienced athletes as well. Zsombie Nemeth from Hungary spent formative years in Thailand. He fought at famed stadiums including Channel 7.

“Loads of techniques to learn, and loads of new stuff to add into your arsenal. Good techniques, good atmosphere, and loads of people,” he said.

Zsombie Nemeth receives a knee from Superbon. Photo by 321 Capture

There are plans to expand the series to other countries around Europe and the world. Talks of Germany, France, Australia, and America are in the works.

“We are very proud that Muay Thai in the UK and Europe is very popular. We are so proud to bring superstars here and to show Muay Thai. Muay Thai is a global sport,” Colonel Thanapol Bhakdibhumi President of WBC Muay Thai said.

The popularity is evident and so is the reach. We look forward to more Muay Thai to come.