Muay Thai Master Class Spreads Muay Thai

The stars shine in the UK on May 4th. Hilton Hotel in Reading England hosts the first Amazing MuayThai Masterclass. The sold out event features leading lights of the sport. Phetjeejaa Or Meekun, Nong O Gaiyanghaadao, and Superbon Banchamek teach their champion secrets.

“It was the brainchild of the WBC Muay Thai and soft power committee of Thailand,” Kevin Noone secretary-general of WBC Muay Thai said. “ We want to enhance global empowerment of Muay Thai.”

The day long event includes three sections of learning. Phetjeejaa, Nong O, and Superbon all teach distinctive 2 hour long seminars.

The Best Of The Best

All three athletes are at the top of the game.

Phetjeejaa recently defeated Janet Todd at ONE Championship. She claimed the ONE Championship kickboxing title from Janet Todd at Lumpinee Stadium. A talented kickboxer, and boxer, her Muay Thai skills, won her a Thai Fight title and over 200 wins.

Nong O is a current veteran and contender on the circuit. A long time stadium star, Nong O held the coveted ONE Championship Muay Thai belt. He won the Lumpinee Stadium belt four times. He was a multiple Sports Authority of Thailand Fighter of the Year. He recently beat Kulabdam Sor Jor Piek U Tai at Lumpinee.

Superbon is the face of men’s Muay Thai. Currently active, Superbon spent years refining his craft on the stadium circuit. Then he went international. He showed he was a master at striking by picking up kickboxing accolades. He won the ONE Championship Kickboxing belt. Recently Superbon defeated long term rival Marat Grigorian once again.


Culture And More

Included in spending time with the stars is a Thai lunch and dinner.

“It’s about getting to know people,” Noone said. “It’s a day out. You get to spend more time with the athletes than a normal seminar. It’s less transaction and more interaction.”

The sell out event hit record breaking numbers. All three hundred plus slots were completely gone within 16 days.

It is part of a global strategy to spread the sport.

“This is the inaugural class. If this goes well there will be a global tour in 2024. Plans are to go to Sydney, to NYC, to Berlin, and around the world,” Noone said.

Muay Thai is gaining popularity in the motherland and abroad. The Master Class is a break out step forward for the sport.