This article will break down the fundamental cost to live as a Muay Thai fighter in Phuket. We will look at visas, gym membership, motorbike costs and more.

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Life In Phuket

Living in Thailand is extremely affordable compared to the States. However, if you do plan on moving out here to follow your passion to become a Muay Thai Fighter, you will need to save or have some type of income to survive if you want to live here comfortable.

Phuket can be cheap but it also definitely can be pricey. There are restaurants and night life activities that will cost about the same as NYC. Here is my breakdown of the costs from cheap to expensive if you plan to live here long time.

All prices will be in Thai Baht (it is Thailand) and some pricing will be monthly. Pro tip: It is cheaper if you stick with a contract.

Also Prices differ per location. Certain areas of the island are more expensive and more budget friendly.

Muay Thai Fighters in Phuket

Visa For Muay Thai Fighters

1 Year Visa if you don’t own a business, work visa, married, over 65 etc.

Around 35,000 – 60,000 (Ed, Volunteer Etc.)

*If you have money and under the age of 65 you can invest in either the Elite visa or an Investment Visa for 5 years plus

Rent In Phuket

Rent 6 Months – Year Contract: Pricing does not include location, electricity, and deposit. Also some houses are cheap because it’s not fully furnished.

Per Month:

Accommodations that is only a room and bathroom – 4,000 – 8,000

1 bedroom apartment/house – 5,000 – 12,000

2 bedroom apartment/house – 10,000 – 20,000

3 bedroom apartment/house – 20,000 – 80,000

Housing  Costs

Monthly Internet package by 3BB (not including Vat): 700 – 1,200

Or you can go to a nearby café and borrow their Wi-Fi

*If you work remotely its best to invest in a internet package. Usually the wifi that comes with your rental isn’t as good.

Monthly Water Bill (some places charge but usually its included): 50-200

Monthly Electricity Bill (depends how much you use or if your accommodation includes):

800 – 2,500

Muay Thai Gym Costs

Monthly Gym Membership (Muay Thai Only): 8,000 – 12,500

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Renting A Motorbike In Phuket

Monthly Motorbike Rental: 1,500 – 3,000 (daily 200-500B) (Motorcycles are more expensive)

If you plan on staying long term and plan on driving a lot, its beneficial to purchase your own bike. Purchasing a bike can be from 8,000 -100,000 baht depending what bike you get.

I purchased a 2015 Honda Click 125 for 20,000 baht.

*Tip: Honda clicks resell value is great. Plus you can sell it for the price you purchased it or sell it for a little less.

Also be sure to always wear a helmet to be safe!

A decent helmet can cost 1,000+ and keep cops from giving you a 500 + baht ticket.

Gas (depends on bike and how much you drive): For my Honda Click 125 the average fill up is 120 Baht (91 grade gas)

Food Costs In Phuket

Food And Other Costs In Phuket

Food: 40 – 600 Per dish

Food can be cheap or expensive depending on where you eat. Generally Thai food is cheap. Western food is expensive.

Cell Phone Plan: 200 – 1000

Health Insurance

Honestly I don’t have health insurance right now, but I did get some information. And now I’m planning on getting  it. Insurance will cost me around 18,500 baht per year. You should really check out some options and invest in your health. And make sure you read what’s covered and how much is covered.

Take your time and pick the right one for you.

Income from fighting in Thailand


You can make money off your fights but need to be realistic about how much you will make and the budget. Check this article out for budget breakdowns. 

You can also make money from selling sponsored tee shirts and apparel. Want to know how to do that? check out this article by Henry. 

Making money is an important part of staying long term in Thailand. It can also help offset cost to live as a Muay Thai fighter in Phuket.


Here is a rough estimate of prices I’ve seen living in Phuket for the past 3 years. I don’t go out to party. So I didn’t include pricing for that, so add in some extra costs for entertainment. Prices will vary depending on preferences. Prices will also change during high and low season.

If you plan on dropping everything and moving to Thailand, make sure you have money saved, backup plan, some type of income or possible way to make income.

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